We will be releasing some more addons soon.
1. Floor Plans   This will allow you to add floor Plans to your listings.
2. Geo Code      This will allow you to use Geogle's API to generate and populate Latitude and Longitude for your listings
3. Ortslide         This will allow you to insert slided into your Open Realty pages and link them to external pages so you can even use it as a mini banner system.
4. Orticle           This is will allow you to create Articles separate from your Page and blog content. You will be able to insert these artcles into any of your Open Realty pages.
The article below is inserted using a tag {addon_orticle_1} from the Orticle Addon

This is an article created by our addon called Orticle.
So why would I need Orticle if I can already create pages and blogs in Open Realty?

I am glad you asked.
Orticle allows you to not only create articles independent of Open Realty's page and blog editor but it also allows you to insert these pages into any Open Realty page or content.

This page is currently inserted into another page.

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